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Found this guy yesterday, just chillin’ with all the books. Awesome to finally meet sweet Momo and @andrewknapp yesterday. #FINDMOMO (at The Last Bookstore)

Throwin’ it all the way back to last week. April fools day turned out to be one of the best. Photo by @itshowtimenikki #onlywaitedayearforthisridetoopenbackup #tbt #disneyland (at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad)

Old comic books are the best.

Only cuz Wednesday.

Thanks to everyone that came out tonight. Love y’all. Goodnight from Cloudland. ❤️

This is the LAST NIGHT of our @thesatellitela residency! If you haven’t been able to come, you’ve got one more chance! We go on at 11pm! I hope to see your lovely faces this evening! And big thanks to @ceci_instagrams for this great photo of me and @gracemmusic. ❤️ (at The Satellite)

I don’t have HBO, so Orange County is next best thing. #GOT (at Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament)

First time for everything in this town. 👑 (at Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament)

Beautiful performance by Daniel Rossen (Grizzly Bear) tonight at the Masonic Lodge. Thank you @eslicey for letting me be your date! (at Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever)

Writing a new gospel song called the Earthquake Shuffle. #CARadioHit2014